MITCO Telephony System is called MITCOMM. It is basically a Telephony Switch supporting all popular Telephony Interface including VoIP, PSTN, ISDN, and SS7.

This Switch can be configured to take up any one or all of the following roles:
Contact Center Suite
Voice Portal
Voice Mail System
IVR System

MITCO offers complete suite of Contact Centre which Includes,
IVR (Unlimited Levels)
Back Office Application Integration
Agent Performance Reports
System Performance Reports
Analytical reports for the management
Customize solution for any requirement 


ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
MITCOMM provides multiple levels of ACD profiles. Calls can be automatically
sent to a specific Agent based on:

- His/Her Support Skills
- His/Her Language Skills
- His/Her Load Statistics

Call Queues
MITCOMM supports multiple levels of Call Queues. The Caller is placed in a Call Queue based on his Status and Requirement.

Supervisor Console

MITCOMM provides a Supervisor Console and Phone. The Supervisor can:
See current System Load and Statistics
See current Queues Details
See current Calls
Listen to current Calls
Access reports and Recorded Calls


Quick Contact

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